Slide Movie

Sometimes, when we look at the picture of the one we love, it seems to us that the picture is about to come alive any moment. Or does it not just seem to us? Is it really coming alive? Is this possible? It is now!

Slide Movie is a new format of digital photography which is gaining popularity and where it is possible not only to see still pictures but also see them coming alive for a moment. A fascinating mixture of photographs and video which drives you into the world of new emotions.

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Family Photography

Family Photography

A family photo shoot is all about happiness! It is a small photo history of your family.

Children grow, and there will be many happy moments when you will be looking at the photos where you hold the little hands of your child in your hands

And if you decide to order a big family photo shoot with the grandmothers and grandfathers, you will get truly invaluable shots for your family photo archive.

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Female Portrait

Female portraits are all about beauty! Such a photo shoot — like good therapy — helps you forget about your day-to-day hassles and enjoy yourself, your grace, your uniqueness! If you order a portrait photo shoot, it will be desirable for you and me to meet beforehand in order to discuss what image will suit you best for this photo shoot. And, what’s most important, we should choose a proper shooting location, whether it will be a studio, your home, or outdoors. Believe me, every little detail does matter in photography, everything is important if you want to create a perfect image.

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Christening Photography

Christening photo shoots are very important! Christening is the first and major Christian sacrament. It is very important to get carefully and properly prepared to make sure nothing spoils this wonderful day for you and your lovely child!

I will be glad if you allow me to use photos from this event in my portfolio. But I will also understand you if you would like to discuss this photo shoot on non-disclosure terms.

For some useful information about how to get prepared for a photo shoot of this event, read this article.

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Pregnancy Photography

Pregnancy photo shoots are all about eternal love and tenderness! Ask your husband to join you for this photo shoot if you can. Take your children with you as well. Such shots turn out to be the most emotional! And it’s impossible to have too many positive emotions on such a day!

When your children grow up and look through family photos,

they will see the way your eyes were shining with happiness when you were waiting for them to be born.


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Love Story Photo Shoots

Love Story photo shoots are, of course, all about love and passion! We need to discuss the photo shoot scenario well in advance. Perhaps, you would like a photo history of when you first met each other, or it may be simply a romantic walk around the city or in the country… It is not so important here really. Your feelings are the most important thing here. If you are in love and happy, that is already a half of success of this photo shoot!

A Love Story project can also be shot just before your wedding. If you take this photo shoot in advance of your wedding, you will be able to show a slide show of your passionate photographs to your guests at the wedding.

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Children Photography

Children photography is all about the amazing!

I like all types of photo shoots but, to tell the truth, this one is my favorite! Take a look at this article to learn how to prepare your children and yourself for a photo shoot like that.

Such photo shoots are no worse than a good workout in the gym for me. You have to fall, crawl, squat,

run and jump along with them! And — although you get very tired — you get a powerful charge of positive emotions!

Children are the most grateful and genuine models, too!

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Wedding Photography

Wedding is wedding! Wedding photo shoots include a number of photography styles at once. A wedding shoot is most likely to include both a photo reportage, a love-story shoot with nice pictures taken outdoors or at a studio, a family photo shoot, and a portrait shoot — all in one day! This is a process that requires huge professionalism from the photographer.

This day is overfilled with emotions! And it is so important for the photographer to be able to capture all the smiles, all the tender looks, all the tears of happiness.

I will capture the most important and tender moments, and you are required to be the happiest people in the world and enjoy the party!

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